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Kris Rosier! | 17 | She/Her

About Me

  • 17 years old (January 19)

  • Female (She/Her)

  • Filipino-American - I was born in the Philippines, but live in the US (California)

  • INFP and ambivert

  • Catholic

  • LGBTQ+ Ally that is questioning myself

  • Certified Tired Gifted Kid (tm)

  • Oldest of four - two sisters and a brother

  • I'm an artist - mostly traditional art, but occasionally digital! (I use IbisPaint)

  • I love video games, especially Nintendo! I play for the lore/stories/characters rather than competitively though

  • Cartoons and the principles of animation, storyboarding and putting together shows in general really inspire me

  • I'm also a musician - I play piano (started with classical, now it's mostly jazz) and sing! My favorite artists are Mother Mother, Dodie, Plumb, The Megas, and most recently Lemon Demon

  • I've also dabbled in acting (especially voice acting) and writing

  • My family tends to move somewhere new every few years

  • I honestly have two brain cells when it comes to common sense, so I often make silly mistakes

  • If I'm in the mood, I can and will talk a lot, especially if it comes to my interests, fun facts or life stories

  • I want to put good vibes into the world! It can be a dark, scary place sometimes, but I'm gonna try my best to counteract it!!

  • I'm always down to be a friend!!! :>


  • Neil Cicierega's Works (Lemon Demon/Guaranteed Video/New Kids on the Rock)

  • Battle for Dream Island

  • Super Smash Bros

  • Mega Man (Classic/Archie Comics/The Megas)

  • General Nintendo

  • Steven Universe

  • Fire Emblem (Binding Blade/Awakening/Fates/Heroes/Three Houses)

  • Kid Icarus

  • Animal Crossing (Wild World/New Leaf/New Horizons)

  • Mother/EarthBound

  • Kirby

  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon (Rescue Team/Explorers/Super)

  • Punch-Out!!

  • Cookie Run

  • Eddsworld

  • Sanders Sides

  • Minecraft: Story Mode

  • Animator vs. Animation

  • Doki Doki Literature Club!

  • Tadpole Treble

Here are some smaller things I don't post about much, but also like!


  • Super Mario

  • Mainline Pokémon (Johto/Sinnoh/ Unova/Kalos/ Galar)

  • Pokémon Conquest

  • Minecraft

  • Drawn to Life

  • Five Nights at Freddy’s

  • Plants vs. Zombies

  • Undertale/Deltarune

  • Pikmin

  • The Frog for Whom the Bell Tolls

  • Neko Atsume

  • Baldi’s Basics

  • Neopets

  • Patapon


  • My Little Pony (Gens 3 and 4)

  • Littlest Pet Shop

  • The Book of Life

  • Aggretsuko

  • Carmen Sandiego

  • Miraculous Ladybug

  • The Amazing World of Gumball

  • Challenge of the Spooky Isles

  • Mystery Skulls Animated

  • Frozen

  • Princess and the Frog

  • Wild Kratts

  • Wreck-It Ralph


  • Spirit Animals Scholastic Books

  • Warriors Cats (Prophecies Begin - Omen of the Stars)

  • Sanrio (Hello Kitty/Keroppi)

  • SpongeBob the Musical

  • Dear Evan Hansen

  • The Count of Monte Cristo

  • Gourmet Hound

  • BlueyCapsules

  • Zombicide

  • Le Petit Nicolas

Favorite Characters

These three are probably my biggest favorites (have been since 2015). But really, I have more than I can count - here's a bingo card of a whole bunch of 'em!

(This bingo card was made in late 2018/really early 2019, I've got an updated one in the making.)


The Dream Thing


Just as soon as she's burned to death, Renee wakes up as Deferi - a member of a species that dreams up a human life to "test their potential". After learning about the Dream Machine - which sends those who can't do it themselves to their dream world - and a war with the MagneDragons over possession of it, Deferi makes it her priority to get it for herself and return to her old life.





The Hybrid Thing


Scientists successfully managed to merge human and animal DNA, creating new shapeshifting hybrids. For centuries, they've been hidden away - until now. A new generation of scientists have taken every adult in the village for their studies. When they come back for the kids, everyone that remains teams up to bring them home.
(An old project me and @haybale_soda made together, they created Ason the panda and many other characters!)





The Narrator Thing


A mysterious camera shows up where stories are made, and pulls inside the company's star narrator just as he opens the book. Inside, five separate stories are placed in front of him. Each begs for him to aid in their completion. The support of his reluctant coworkers on the other side of the lens is all that he has to back him up. ...Oh, and a new ability to create worlds from words in a more literal way than ever before.
(Many of my older characters are repurposed and redesigned to be a part of this story!)




Jeff/Not Sam


Some things to note before you follow:

  • My posts tend to get very wordy

  • I use caps a lot

  • I don’t curse (but I may retweet/share posts that do)

  • There is no schedule to my art posts so they may be erratic

  • Expect to see occasional posts on both LGBTQ+ and Christianity

  • Keysmashes (fjshfjsj) or long ellipses (............) indicate that I'm being joking or playful

  • I can't content tag my main interests or favorite characters, sorry!

  • If you're gonna repost my art, please let me know and credit me in the post! (A direct @mention is preferred)

  • Venting is usually posted on my Twitter alt instead of my main accounts

  • I'm a rarepair shipper and kind of a multishipper, but I don't speak on it much outside of my Twitter alt/Tumblr

  • I try to be friendly and supportive to everyone, but if I come off as uncomfortably affectionate, let me know!

  • It often take a while for me to respond to messages/DMs, but I will get to them eventually!

  • If you don't have your name/pronouns stated on your account, please let me know - preferably more than once, as I'm a bit forgetful sometimes

  • Just in general, please be patient with me... I’m a bit sheltered and pretty unaware of lots of things, so if I say something insensitive, kindly let me know

Do not interact if you:

  • Are LGBTQ+phobic/racist/sexist/ableist, etc.

  • Exclude lesbians or ace/aro people

  • Pit bi and pan against each other

  • Exclude he/him or they/them lesbians, or those using any other pronouns

  • Are openly/strongly anti-religion (especially anti-Christian/anti-Catholic)

  • Support, condone, or participate in pedophilia/incest/beastiality

  • Participate in cringe culture or hate on rarepairs

  • Fetishize gay relationships (fujoshis/yaoi/yuri)

  • Disrespect the boundaries or humanity of content creators by being intrusive/demanding

  • Are a NSFW account (I’m a minor, and even when I get older I want my account to be a safe space)

Other things to keep away from me:

  • If I’ve told you what “Kris” is short for please don’t use that outside of DMs - solely for privacy since it’s an uncommon name, that’s all :D

  • Please don’t call me lazy or selfish

  • Please don’t call my OCs ripoffs or shame me for my interests

  • Irl gore or drawings of heavy gore (particularly gutspill/organs/surgery)

  • Don't tag my content as kin, me, id, etc. - I have nothing against that, but it feels like it changes the purpose of my works (my art especially)

Here are some fandom-specific things that make me uncomfortable, so please keep them away or tag them (it’s mostly ships, keep in mind these are in a romantic context and platonic/familial is okay)

  • NINTENDO: Nesscas, Clausten, LuClaus, SamMac, ToonieVilla, PaluPit, Pitcest, IkeMarth, MarthRoy, Ferdibert, MetaKirby; murderous Villager/“Killager” memes or art

  • MEGA MAN: RockBass, BluesRock, BluesStar; blatant hate towards the MM Archie Comics (criticism is fine though)

  • STEVEN UNIVERSE: Bellow Diamond, Lapidot, Stevinel, Kevamie; attacking Connie for her issues in Mindful Education or the Season 5 arc going up to Kevin Party, Greg for his issues in Mr. Universe or movie/Future Steven

  • SANDERS SIDES: Logicality, RemRom, Intrulogical; unsympathetic/evil Patton

  • EDDSWORLD: TomTord, Jonuardo, Paultryck/PauPat; spelling Patryck’s name as “Patryk”; the fan character Pay (Patryck’s twin brother); supporting the real-life counterpart/actor of Hellucard (the fictional character counterpart is okay though)

  • OTHER: Jesskas/Lukesse (MCSM); Fireafy (BFDI); SparklingHerb, FireKnight (Cookie Run)

Heyo, so:

"LGBTQ+ Ally" and "questioning" are what I have been and will continue to call myself publicly...

But if you read between the lines, I'm actually a part of the community - I'm biromantic, and also aspec :D

I don't speak too much about it because there are many people irl that follow me on these accounts, and I'm fine to just stay in the closet for now

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